Howiler Stroud Automotive

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Customer Testimonials

Great automotive shop with great people. They do excellent work! Our #1 go to.

 - Jennifer S.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! We have been taking all of our vehicles to Howiler's for over 15 years and recommend them to all of our friends and family. They are very honest and ONLY repair what is necessary. There have been multiple times in the past that the dealership diagnosed a problem that wasn't the issue and were going to charge us $1200; we took it to Howiler's and they diagnosed the REAL issue and it cost half that amount. Another time we were told we needed new ball joints and bearings and we took it to Howiler's and it was only a bulging tire. LOVE THESE GUYS!

- Trish P

Great folks highly efficient , affordable and reliable. We go there for EVERY repair on our vehicles.

                                                                      - Colin C.